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Purchase of Antique Timber

You have antique timber or are planning to tear down a historic building?

Please inform us!

Antique Timber / Reclaimed Lumber


Reclaimed wood from over 100 years old buildings with original hand hewn or sunburnt (weathered) surface. Also worn out floor boards and barn floors as well as machine –hacked boards and sawn timber from old beams.
Have a look at our antique timber products. More antique (and reclaimed) wood and information on request!



Beams and Rafters


Beams and rafters with original hand hewn surface from old and historic buildings. Available in various dimensions and lengths. Further beams and log cabin planks with sunburnt surface.

All visible nails removed and without paint.


  • 4-side hand hewn beams in spruce, larch and oak
  • 2-side hand hewn beams in spruce
  • weathered beams


4-side hand hewn beams spruce 4-side hand hewn beams spruce

hand hewn antique beams spruce reclaimed timber loading

hand hewn beams larch Oak beams "rustic"

4-side hand hewn beams oak Oak beam

weathered beams weathered beams



Boards with hand hewn surface

Hand hewn boards are the cutted exterior sides from antique beams. As a result you get boards with one side hand hewn and a sawn back side.
Thickness as wished (e.g. 40 mm, 50 mm), edged or unedged, air or kiln-dried. On request also levelled to a constant thickness and / or brushed.


Available in spruce/fir and oak.

original hand hewn boards hand hewn boards

original hand-hewn boards, brushed brushed hand hewn boards with original surface



Antique Planking and Siding

Weathered (sunburnt) cladding form old houses and barns. Exposed to weather conditions (sun and rain) and microbiological processes a distinctive structure and colour occurs. Colours from gray to brown and black are possible.

Also old panelling from the interior are available.


weathered planks gray / weathered planks

gray planks indoor planking



Machine-hacked Boards and Sawn Timber


The boards are cut from reclaimed wood beams and can be delivered steamed or unsteamed. Additional obtainable planed and / or with tongue and groove.

These are also available with a machine-chopped surface, making the visual impression of a hand-hewn surface.


Dimesions: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm or as wished.


  • Spruce/fir or oak
  • Saw-cut, planed or machine-hacked
  • Edged or unedged


machine-hacked board machine-hacked board steamed

steamed machine-hacked boards sawn and steamed antique timber boards

saw cut boards from reclaimed beams unsteamed edged sawn timber from antique beams



Antique Decking and Floorboards


Old floorboards in spruce and oak with a worn surface developed over years of use.

Available from slight to strong worn out, likewise with wormholes.


antique oak boards thick spruce decking (8 cm)



Lamellas and Saw Veneer from Antique Timber


Sawn lamellas can be obtained in spruce and oak. These are sawn from antique timber beams. Different lengths and thickness from 5 mm up. Deliverable with natural colour or steamed.


Also available are spruce lamellas with hand hewn or machine-hacked surface from 11 mm thickness and up.


Used for the production of multi-layer boards or furniture fronts


sawn veneer from reclaimed beams (8mm) Spruce lamellas