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Purchase of Antique Timber

You have antique timber or are planning to tear down a historic building?

Please inform us!

Window Components


Sawn Timber / Un-edged Boards

in Spruce, European and Siberian Larch


European Spruce Siberian Larch



Window and Door Scantlings

solid or glue laminated in Oak, Spruce, Larch

fine grain, rift or half-rift (radial / semiradial), virtually free of defects and knots

laminated scantlings with solid and / or finger-jointed lamellas, D4 glue


solid spruce scantlings solid spruce scantlings

glue laminated spruce scantlings glue laminated spruce scantlings




in Spruce and Larch

rift or half-rift


spruce lamellas plastic protected larch lamellas